How to Present with Twitter and Other Backchannels

How to Present with Twitter and Other Backchannels

Presenting with Twitter can be challenging. Just about every week a new story of a speaker getting roasted on Twitter makes waves in the blogosphere. Mitchell written a free eBook ‘How to present with Twitter (and other backchannels)’ to help you avoid that fate. There’s no sign up required. Just click and read.

Don’t get caught without Olivia Mitchell’s just-in-time guide to the technology, tips and tactics speakers need to navigate the Twitter backchannel when they’re presenting. With steps to take before, during and after your presentation, Mitchell creates a useful path that underscores what it takes to effectively engage a live (and remote) audience today. A must-read.

In the eBook Mitchell will show you:-

  • The three stages of presenting with Twitter
  • Simple steps to take avoid being roasted
  • How to build your ‘twitter team’
  • How to respond to negative tweets
  • The top Twitter tools for presenters
  • Alternative backchannels to Twitter and when to use them
  • How to use Twitter and other backchannels to encourage audience participation.

How to Present with Twitter and Other Backchannels

by Olivia Mitchell (PDF) – 62 pages, 2.2MB

Click here to download this free ebook

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