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This page will act as a general precautionary information before you download the free eBooks which are available in this site. The main reason for this page is mainly to emphasize on the nature of the eBooks you may find here and how they can affect you in various ways.


Always read the Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer within the eBooks should they have them.

Internet Marketing eBooks are very commercial in nature. Having said that, be prepared to further invest through recommendations within the free eBooks that you may find in this site.

GetFreeIMEbooks.com will not be responsible in any purchases you make through these ebooks.

If you’ve purchased anything through the links / recommendations within these ebooks, any unsatisfactory claims, constructive criticisms, sugestions, or even refunds, etc. need to be directed to the original seller, not GetFreeIMEbooks.com.


Forward your feedback to the original seller as well (not GetFreeIMEbooks.com), if you’ve encountered any difference of results in comparison to the “estimated / projected set of results” through some suggested techniques or methods from these ebooks, which somehow resulted in yourself feeling underachieved.

Browse smartly through the information within the eBooks. Not all of them can be considered 100% free, as you will be required to acquire more tools, softwares, memberships, etc. and even more ebooks in order to somewhat collect a complete amount of information on the topic you’re researching.


Always treat these ebooks purely as a source of information. Commercial items which are recommended through these ebooks are not necessarily needed in order for you to achieve your objectives, although it could help in various ways. The idea behind this is to understand how “IT” works and find a free, or at least a cheaper alternative of doing it. There are always a lot of other ways of doing it as long as you understand the concept behind it. Learn the concept and learn it well.

Do take note that some of the eBooks here might have a very strong selling approach, and were created mainly to sell. Make a smart decision and plan well in your spending(s) when it comes to this kind of situation. Do your own research, find alternatives and plan ahead before purchasing anything.

In the Internet Marketing world, everyone wants to sell and make a profit, and if you find yourself as a rookie who’s just starting out, it’s very common that you could find yourself spending quite a bit purchasing loads of information just to get yourself going. Self-control is the keyword here. Only purchase something when you think it’s ABSOLUTELY necessary.

Information in these eBooks is just information. What they’re telling you are theoretical methods of achieving various objectives in the Internet Marketing world. Theories do not make you money. Practical work does. Learn the theories and work them out to see results.