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Visualising Facebook

Since the growth of social media, human communication has become much more visual. This book presents a scholarly analysis of the images people post on a regular basis to Facebook. By including hundreds of examples, readers can see for themselves the differences between postings from a village north of London, and those from a small town in Trinidad.

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Twitter Ebook

This book will reveal all you need to know to use Twitter to boost your profile and your business. Every message – or ‘tweet’ – that you send out has the potential to reach even more people. You’ll gain followers and an audience that is all your own.

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How to Present with Twitter and Other Backchannels

Presenting with Twitter can be challenging. Just about every week a new story of a speaker getting roasted on Twitter makes waves in the blogosphere. Mitchell written a free eBook ‘How to present with Twitter (and other backchannels)’ to help you avoid that fate. There’s no sign up required. Just click and read.

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The Complete Guide to Twitter

In 5 chapters, this guide tackles every Twitter feature, tip and trick you can think of. Learn to work the interface, how to tweet from your desktop, as well as cool Twitter bots and funniest people to follow.

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Unstoppable Facebook Traffic

When it comes to online marketing through Facebook, having your own profile page isn’t enough if you want to be successful in selling the products and services that you’re offering. As the biggest website today, Facebook offers a lot of marketing opportunities and benefits that you can take advantage of and even have fun pursuing.

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The Essential Checklist for Social Media Branding

Is your account branding up to scratch? When was the last time you updated your cover image? Or your About section? Do you have the latest Facebook apps for your industry? This checklist is a cheat sheet to remind you of all the nooks and crannies to update you accounts. It’s time to utilize your social media branding opportunities.

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Teaching Crowds: Learning and Social Media

Recognizing that online learning both demands and affords new models of teaching and learning, the authors show how learners can engage with social media platforms to create an unbounded field of emergent connections. These connections empower learners, allowing them to draw from one another’s expertise to formulate and fulfill their own educational goals.

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Twitter Data Analytics

Twitter is a prime example of social media in which researchers can verify their hypotheses, and practitioners can mine interesting patterns and build realworld applications. This book takes a reader through the process of harnessing Twitter data to find answers to intriguing questions.

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