How To Start A Startup Without Ruining Your Life

How To Start A Startup Without Ruining Your Life

Startups are emotional roller coasters that one minute make you feel like you’re changing the world and the next minute, that everything is falling apart. This guide about how to start a startup may help.

There’s not always money in the banana stand.

The tech industry is the only industry where a business model is optional. Imagine a bakery that gave away freebies and had nothing customers could pay for – would putting adverts on the wall save the bakery? Tech businesses get away with this as they have the one thing other industries don’t: scale. The internet gives businesses the opportunity to reach potential customers worldwide.

If your business model is based around having millions of users that don’t pay, there’s two things that may happen.

  • Number one is that your startup makes it big and everything will be okay.
  • Number two is that you’ll struggle and spend all your money. The first option is a lot less likely to happen than the second. For every Facebook, there’s thousands of failed social networks.

How To Start A Startup Without Ruining Your Life

by Rik Lomas (PDF, Online reading) – 16 chapters

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