Email Marketing: You’re Doing It Wrong

Email Marketing: You’re Doing It Wrong

Learn 12 tips to supercharge your highest performing channel. Email retargeting connects rich customer data to email addresses in order to nudge customers from their inboxes to conversion. According to VentureBeat, for the past 10 years, email has produced higher returns on investment than all other marketing channels. A recent study found that for every $1 spent on email, marketers received an average return of $38.

But email marketing requires thoughtful attention to detail in order to drive sales. After interviewing dozens of marketers and analyzing our data, AdRoll has identified 12 reasons your emails might not be converting customers:-

  • Are your subject lines attention grabbing?
  • Is your copy concrete?
  • Are you collecting email addresses early enough?
  • Did you create individualized email plans?
  • Learn how to avoid these oversights and more with proven advice compiled from dozens of marketers and our own data analyses.

Email Marketing: You're Doing It Wrong

by Adroll (PDF) – 17 pages

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