26 Ways to Generate More Inbound Customers in 2013

26 Ways to Generate More Inbound Customers in 2013

How will you make 2013 your biggest year yet? In the digital age, marketing trends can become obsolete quickly, and as a result, so can your campaign. In just a year, social media site users grew to historic numbers, algorithms were changed, and new software revolutionized the industry.

Do you have a plan for adapting to these changes and keeping your marketing strategy current with the most up-to-date best practices? Allow our guide to act as your blueprint for transforming your marketing in 2013 and beyond. ’26 Ways to Generate More Inbound Customers in 2013′ also features expert advice from industry leaders such as:-

  • Paul Roetzer (Founder / CEO of PR 20/20 & author of ‘The Marketing Agency Blueprint’
  • Peter Caputa (Director, Channel Sales & Marketing at Hubspot
  • John McTigue (Executive Vice-President & Co-Owner of Kuno Creative
  • Corey Eridon (Inbound Marketing Manager at HubSpot)
  • Pamela Vaughan (Inbound Marketing Blog Manager at HubSpot)

26 Ways to Generate More Inbound Customers in 2013

by Impact (PDF) – 86 pages, 26 chapters

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