How to pass Magento Certification Exam in 30 days

How to pass Magento Certification Exam in 30 days

There is no doubt that Magento currently is one of the most powerful and fast-growing ecommerce platforms. Over the past few years, not only the number of websites using Magento, but also the number of developers specialized in this platform have increased dramatically.

In 2012, Magento started Magento Certification Exams which are geared toward professionals who want to differentiate themselves from the competition with the ultimate Magento credential. Store-owners also benefit from this since they can easily find a qualified developer to make sure their website is handled by trusted hands. Magento Certificate becomes valuable and indispensable to developers from all over the world who want to make money in Magento field.

‘How to pass Magento Certification Exam in 30 days’ is written based on the 10 topics announced in the Study Guide of Magento. This book presents full knowledge of each topic as well as provides useful tips for developers to work with Magento. At the end of some topics, you can find questions that are designed to help revise what you have learned.

How to pass Magento Certification Exam in 30 days

by David Nguyen (All formats) – 563 pages

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